The good news is: For God so loved THE WORLD..."  Our goal at NCC is to take seriously the great commission Jesus left for us. He said for his followers to go into all the world, to all people groups and make disciples. We are to teach them to follow Jesus and baptize them in water as a sign of their faith. We offer several opportunities each year to leave the comforts of home and take the gospel to a foreign land. We offer training for missions too in the "Passport to Missions" classes. There are ways to support missions if you are unable to go yourself. You can send others by supporting a missionary. You can give to our annual Global Outreach offering, you can support our construction team that builds churches overseas and you can sponsor a child through our "People-to-People" program. For $25 a month, you can feed, clothe and educate a child and have personal contact with that child throughout the year. As you can see there are many ways you can help reach the world from right here!


We are to share the love of Jesus with every generation. Ours is to be an outwardly focused church. We are to make disciples and teach people how to follow Christ. We are to be filled with the Holy Spirit, be salt and light to the world, love God, love people and serve others. We are to be place alive with the joy of the Lord, a lighthouse for the lost and an oasis of love in a hurting world.


 Everything we do at NCC should involve reaching out to others. We are compelled to go and get people to bring them to Christ. We should pray regularly for lost and hurting people. We are to be like the church in the book of Acts in the New Testament, filled with the Holy Spirit and enthusiastically sharing our faith with others. Our withness should be bold and unashamed. We offer outreaches throughout the year in our community. We host free meals, Valentines outreach, Easter outreach, VBS, visitation, prayer walks, Trunk or Treat and Christmas outreach.

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